Over the past 15 years, I’ve been blessed to spend time in countries like Honduras, Liberia, and Haiti. These experiences have gifted me some of my closest friends and greatest mentors. 

Like many other emerging economies, the lens of the developed world often associates those countries and peoples solely as the focus of charity and aid – of NGOs, and nonprofits. Yet, these countries are filled with vigor and beauty. They are filled with incredibly resourceful and talented people who often simply lack opportunity and access to the international market – a seat at the table.

In 2017 gears began clicking – Conversations with friends across the globe and businesses here stateside began coinciding. Businesses were searching for more direct access to the goods they were sourcing and the farmers who produced them. Farmers were losing hope in the sustainability of their trade, searching for ways to earn more for their goods, or migrating in hopes of better opportunities all together…so we started bridging – beginning with coffee.

A lot has happened since those initial conversations. Our network, community and business have grown. We’ve made more friends, been to new places, “scraped our knees”, and learned countless lessons. While we’re very much still learning, we’ve become increasingly aware that the opportunity is far greater than we imagined.

As it turns out, seeking to do right by the people who set the foundation of a value chain is also good for business.

Intrigue, interest & demand has continued to increase both near and far from:

Businesses & Buyers

laborers, service providers

Ministries, NGOs, Governmental Agencies

Pull up a chair. We’d love for you and yours to join us on the journey.
Matt Hayes Founder & Managing Partner