Transform transactions into teammates

Direct Trade is mutually beneficial for coffee producers, roasters, consumers and the sustainability of coffee as a whole. By building partnerships, facilitating conversation, and creating efficiencies we cultivate opportunities for Roasters and Producers to flourish wherever they are planted.

1. Sign up, Take a seat at the table

2. Roasters connect directly with Producers; Producers connect directly with Roasters

3. Follow, Request Samples, Negotiate on Price and Contract

4. Transparent cost breakdown; Always to price paid at farmgate. Includes milling, export, logistics, Bridging Tables fee, etc.

5. Bridging Tables fee is fixed, based on volume, not % of price – rewarding quality and putting more money in the hands of farmers

6. Watch the status of your coffee in transit

7. Gain ability to plan and forecast inventory and finances


Access the market directly, Increase profitability on your coffee, reduce your risk


Own your relationships at origin. Increase transparency, quality control, impact and purchasing power with ease


From subscriptions to single purchase - get to know and support the people, brands and experiences you love